Saturday, March 7, 2015

Winter Day Trip To Ferris

Ferris Provincial Parks is a small park located just outside the town of Campbellford. We visit quite frequently since it is so close to home. I spend a lot of time skiing at Ferris and regularly try to convince the kids that they should come along. Last weekend we decided that we would take the entire family along for some adventure.

The parks offers 5 km of cross country ski trails and snowshoeing trails (officially, though I have skied quite a bit more than 5 km at a time). The trails proceed mostly along camp roads but there are a few sections that wander though the woods. One of my favourites is the Milkweed Trail (take the first possible left after leaving the gatehouse). It's a narrow trail through the woods with some nice up hills as you make your way to the top of a drumlin.

Milkweed Trail
 This trip was meant to be fun for the kids so we skipped the Milkweed trail. Instead we followed the trail up to the junction to the Valley View Campground, where we stopped for a break.

On Our Way
By the time we had stopped our youngest daughter was fast asleep in the pulk so I decided to do a loop of the Valley View Campground. After a short rest our son decided that he wanted to come as well so he caught up to us. We did the loop and made our way back to the rest of the group who were on their way to find us. We proceeded to the first campsite and had a snack.

Picnic Time?
Unfortunately, we stopped for a little too long and the girls started getting cold. Other than that we had an amazing day. The sun was out, the snow was perfect and it seemed like we had the park to ourselves since we didn't seen anyone else. It's a small park but when you're travelling with young kids, you don't need huge tracts of wilderness. Take the kids out on short outings to local parks and conservation areas. The memories and experiences will not likely be forgotten for a long time.

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