Sunday, July 19, 2015

Paddle in the Park Contest

If you like getting outside in the summer (and who doesn't?) you should check out the Paddle in the Park Contest. The contest involves finding paddles that have been hidden around parks in Ontario. When you find a paddle you get to keep it and you get a prize package. Clues are periodically posted online about where the paddles might be found. It then becomes a puzzle and a race to find the paddles. I've followed the contests for the past couple of years and have found it very interesting. However, given the age or our youngest daughter (she's two), we're not super mobile as a family. We're not likely to pack up on a whim drive a long distance in the hopes of finding a paddle (we'll get there one day). We still like to follow along and see if we can figure out where the paddles are.

This year in addition to the paddle hunt, the organizer are offering Paddle Points. The goal is to get us all 'out there'. They have created a huge list of things to do outdoors. Go do them, take pictures, upload them and potentially win prizes, including a canoe. You can double your points if you include the Paddle in the Park Flag in your photos. Although winning prizes would be really cool, the real rewards are experienced by everyone getting 'out there'. Enjoy. #RewardsAreOutThere

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