Thursday, November 5, 2015

Morning Paddling on the Bay of Quinte

Bay of Quinte in the Morning
Normally by this time of year I've long since swapped the canoe for my hiking boots. The canoe would normally be hung up in the garage awaiting next summer's adventure. This year I decided to leave the canoe on the floor in the hopes that I would use it a little more in the fall.

I have not been disappointed.

Although autumn is a tough season to find the time to get outdoors, due to busy kid schedules and a shrinking number of day light hours, I have been managed to get out more. I had a good routine of loading the canoe onto the car the night before I planned on going out. I would get up early in the morning and do an hour's worth of paddling before heading off to work. This strategy worked well for much of October. I managed to get out in the canoe at least once per week. The trouble I was running into is that I had less and less light in the mornings. I don't mind paddling in the dark but it's a lot nicer if you can see what's out there.

Sun Sandwiched Between Horizon and Clouds
Thanks to the time change this past weekend and some very warm temperatures I've managed to get out a couple of times this week and I'm hopeful that I can get out again next week. Could a December outing be possible?

I know that my canoeing days are numbered for this season but I sure am enjoying making the most of the days that are left. The fresh air and the serenity mixed with a bit of exercise first thing in the morning have been great additions to my morning routine.

Set aside some time to get outside. You won't be disappointed!

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